3 Year Old Gift Guide


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Sweet George is officially 3! This is an old pic…but it’s my favorite! In this photo George is around 18 months. Here he is today!


Annnnd now I’m crying ❤️

On to the Birthday Presents

I am kind of particular when it comes to toys. I LOVE toys and I think they are an amazing tool. Kids need to play and, if I can find the right toys to facilitate really quality, hands-on, creative play, I think toys can be worth their weight in gold. So here’s my list of all the things I bought George for his 3rd birthday and all the things I wanted to buy him.

Best Books For a 3 Year Old

There are obviously a million amazing books, and what you buy depends largely on what you all ready have…but these were the books I chose. I look for really good language. I want it to be a reach…to have words that are a level above what George is saying on his own.

  • I love Little Golden Books! Here are some of my favorites

All of the PETE THE CAT books are AMAZING

All of the Berenstain Bear Books are Great…the single books (not in a multiple book sets) have the most pictures.

There are honestly so so many… I have all of my favorites in an Amazon list for you HERE

Best Three Year Old Toys


Obviously baby farm animals are the best gift you could ever give…but if you live in a normal house, here’s my list of favorite toys.


This Micro Scooter is our FAVORITE toy! The best scooter out there. It stands on its own, so balancing on it isn’t a big deal. It is so smooth and well made. We love this toy!

First off, here’s what we bought for George

  • Melissa and Doug’s cutting food set is AMAZING! So fun and such a good addition to a “kitchen” in your play room.

  • George is randomly really into tea sets. If you’ve seen Toy Story 3, there’s a scene where Bonnie and her toys have a tea party. Our kids love playing “restaurant,” so this has been a really good toy for us. I LOVE Hape toys. If you’re ever looking for a high quality toy Hape has SO SO SO MANY WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL TOYS.


OK, if you haven’t heard of Lakeshore Learning you need to check it out. I worked as a kindergarten teacher before my kids were born, and this place is the holy grail of high quality, long lasting, engaging, educational toys. These are the toys that teachers buy for classrooms of kids to use for years. They’re 100% my favorite toys. I’ll show you everything we actually got for George, as well as everything on my wishlist. Just click on the pic to check out the link.

  1. Carry Around Animal Town - really great for taking to church or restaurants.

2. DINOSAURS - Again the quality is so great. We loved that this set came with big and small dinosaurs.

3. Mix and Match Waterfalls - These were so fun outside in our kiddie pool. As the weather has gotten colder, we’ve moved them into the bath tub and they’re an even bigger hit. I love anything that keeps the water in the tub and these are perfect.

4. Magnetic Building and Pattern Blocks - These are two different sets. If you have to choose one, I would go with the building blocks. I wish I had bought these earlier. Our 1 year old LOVES them. A lot of times blocks can be really frustrating for little people…George would never stick with them very long. He would always get super frustrated when he couldn’t stack them very high before accidentally knocking them over. These blocks are magnetic and stack so easily. We’re getting more for Christmas. Our magna tiles and now these stacking blocks and pattern blocks are some of our most used toys. Best part, we store them all together in one giant magnet bin.

5. Number and Alpha Bots - George is really into imaginative play right now. He loves little characters like dinosaurs, little people toys, and his super hero action figures. I was pretty sure these would be a hit and I was right. He keeps these in his bed and plays with them while he falls asleep. Also, we took them to church yesterday and all the kids in the row in front of us were captivated with them as well. So, if you have a three year old who likes letters and numbers, but really likes robots and transforming toys, these are for you.

6. Bath Time Ball Track - Again, anything to keep the water in the tub!

7. Giant Lacing Strings - So many cool extensions. We homeschool, so this is so fun for free play, but also for patterning, shape identification, fine motor skills, light tables, and sensory bins.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 9.17.40 AM.png

8. Fine Motor Skills Games (Complete Set) - We ended up saving this purchase til christmas…but I literally have to stop myself from buying these every day. Three is the perfect age for these “first” games. Lakeshore knocks it out of the park with this set.

That’s everything! Top gift buying tips for you….check out Lakeshore Learning, don’t buy toys that you will hate (noises), Before you buy the toys, have a place to put them (organized system), and buy what your child is interested in.

Top Toys for a Three Year Old Who Has Everything

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