No lie...I'm dying for George to be ready for school.  Dying in a never grow up, stay little forever, but grow up sort of way.  I taught school for three years, and during all the drudgey tests, over crowded class room, "I need a classroom aid" moments, I would think to myself..."one day I will have my own kids...and not 24 kids...and I will succeed at science experiments."  Well that day has come and I'm so happy, and Georgie had a blast, and maybe even learned something, and we're hooked.  Science here we come!

Check out the video of our FIZZING COLORS!

So this may be the easiest ever science experiment.  Basically your kids just need to be old enough not to eat the baking soda and vinegar, and you're good to go!


Baking Soda (enough to spread 1 inch thick over a baking sheet)

Vinegar (2-3 cups)


Measuring cups

Dropper (optional)

Food colors

Directions are simple.  

1. Spread baking soda out on baking sheet or in muffin tins (about an inch deep)

2. Drop droplets :) of food coloring all over on top of baking soda

3. Pour or squirt or drop droplets of vinegar on the baking sheet and watch the colors start to bubble and fizz