Today is National Women's Day!


Well today is National Women's Day!  I'm not really sure about the history of this day, but I think it's great!  Women are great, and for a long time in our country, people/society didn't really think that...or thought of us as less capable/strong/worthy/ name it.  Do I believe women and men are the  Do I believe all women are the same...again hard no.  But, I do believe that women, like men are amazing, and have innate qualities that set them apart from men (on an equally high pedestal).  To be clear, these innate qualities are not just those that have to do with homemaking and children, I don't even think I could put a name to them, but I do know/believe that they exist and are awesome and should empower women to choose whichever path they believe they would rock most at. (Vague and confusing, but true).


  If you know anything about me, you know I'm a woman, I was a teacher, I vlog, take photos, run a business with my husband, put together Ikea furniture like a boss, cook a lot, have one little boy, and am pregnant with a little girl.  I hate driving on busy roads, listen to Dave Ramsey daily, and am searching for a type of cardio workout at my gym that I could actually enjoy :)  I spend a lot of time thinking about my role as a member of my family, as well as a lot of time thinking about how, as a mother, I want to teach my children to view others...especially women.  And it's hard to define my thoughts, but I will say this.  As a girl and later as a teenager preparing for college, I don't know how I came to think these things, but I viewed girls...or myself, as sub par in a way to guys.  I thought people who had baby boys were somehow luckier than those who had girls, I had a few leaders, in youth programs I was involved with, who made very well meaning, yet demeaning statements about the roles of men and women, and I always thought and heard that, because I was a girl, and would one day be a mother, that it might be a waste of time and/or money for me to pursue a vocation that would not directly benefit my children (teacher/nurse) or allow me to stay at home during the day with my kids. 


  For the record, I am a stay at home mom, and I love it...and I did become a teacher...and I really liked that, but I wonder what I would have pursued, if I hadn't had those beliefs about myself and those restraints on what I thought I could dream of for my future (maybe it still would have ended up teacher...which would have been great, I just will never know). 

Today, luckily, I have grown a lot and view myself, girls, and women very differently.  I am terrified/so excited to be having a daughter, and I am trying to live my life in a way that she is able to see a crazy dream life, shoot for the moon future for her self.  Dallin and I have big dreams and big goals and I am 100% pushing them towards reality right next to him.  Today he works out of the home and I am staying with George and soon to be baby girl.  But, when our dream careers pan out and our vision board comes to life, we will both work from a home-base and both be stay at home parents.  We will travel, lead, teach, present, and create.  He will support me and cheer for my moments in the spotlight and I will support him and celebrate his brightest achievements (just like we're doing now).

I feel so lucky to live in a country where so much respect and recognition is being given to women.  Sadly there are so many places where this is far from a reality.  So, let's all do our part to spread some joy and change to those places.  I can't wait to look back when I'm 95 and see how far women's rights have come around the world!  Hopefully my life will be a step in the right direction for this movement, or maybe just a stepping stone for some other girl to stand on as she sets off to change the world.    


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