Easiest Costco Only Meal Plan


Well, gone are the days of eating bread for every meal (#mylifeallthroughcollege).  Also, toddlers eat a lot...SO, after looking at some meal plan ideas, I decided nobody, or at least nobody like me, has time to make a super fun, tons of ingredients, dinner every night.

Enter my sister Jill.  Jill just had her fifth baby and is my guru zen master leader when it comes to all things motherhood/homemaker/woman warrior.  She shared with me her tried and true meal rotation thingy and its pretty great.  It works around staples (breads, yogurt, eggs, soup, basic meats) and then for variety, adds in fruits, veggies, and/or your desert of choice.  Also, you can get everything (except the wheat noodles and cream of wheat) from costco!

So here's how it goes.  The above picture is a picture of the meal plan that I have on my fridge.  It stays the same every week (for the most part).  If you look closely though, there is lots of room for variety (waffles or pancakes...and what type of pancakes, jam or honey, what type of bagel sandwich, what type of soup, traditional tacos with beef or fun zesty chicken ones).  Basically, as you stroll through costco, you know you're making soup, bread, parfaits, pizza, burgers, pasta, sandwiches, tacos, and smoothies.  It's going to happen!  So then, you can get creative.  Maybe this month you want bbq sauce and avocados with your burgers, maybe you want berry syrup instead of maple for pancakes...oh! blueberry muffins sound good, instead of banana nut.)  You get the picture.  And don't stress too much about sticking to the "schedule."  If you have a busy Friday, maybe make bread on Saturday.  No big.  Also, I've found, for my little family, that we have leftovers...so sometimes this takes two weeks to work through (fine with me).  The fun part is you have the ingredients for all these meals, and they're easy to make, and they're not super intricate and spicy so kids like them (also they're pretty healthy).  AND, if you make your own bread and granola, it gets super cost effective!   

My favorite part is, because these meals aren't super intense, its fun to get a lot of fun fruits and work them into a lot of the breakfasts and lunches (and costco has the best fruit).  I've all ready posted blogs about german pancakes and granola.  During the next couple of weeks I'll add in my bread recipe, favorite taco recipe, some really great soups, baked oatmeal and freezer burritos.  Let me know if you try it out and if it works for you . :)