My Baby Grew Up

George grew up!  He's turning into a real big kid and we're just overflowing with sentimental "where has the time gone" feelings.  I'm pregnant, so I am just wishing time goes by super fast (so I can be "unpregnant," but then I look at George and feel like its all slipping away too fast.  I remember when we brought him home from the hospital, I was all messed up emotionally and I was sitting there holding him, and suddenly I thought about how one day he wouldn't fit in my arms, and then even worse, he would find a wife and like her more than me...or just want to cuddle with her instead of me, and I started Dallin heard me from the other room.  As I type out this "terrible" thought, tears are in my eyes. Side note, when you become a mother, never ever read "I'll love you forever" by Robert Munsch.  When I was little that book gave me all the warm and fuzzy feels, but now I can't read's like a terrible "this is going to happen to you," there's a grim in your tea leaves, reminder that I can't handle.    


Baby James is coming soon!  And George will take on the big brother title...but I'll still call him baby


So, we just take pictures of him all day :)

Just our family every morning:

George is loving all the new baby blankets.  He's 100% addicted to his own Aiden and Anais swaddles and has no problem with all the new pink ones :)

Dallin took these next photos.  They're so raw and real.  I stay at home with George all day.  So, this is a pretty good illustration of what we do most of the time :) . He's definitely a lover.

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