Best Gift Ideas For Men

Best Gift Ideas For Men

Best Gift Ideas For Men 2018

NO JOKE, I am the queen of gifts. It’s like my talent…but every year when my husband’s birthday rolls around, or Christmas is just around the corner, I blank and have no idea what to get. So I did what any logical being would do this year and asked him what he wanted for Christmas…and my husband did something amazing. He made me a list…not just any list, but an Amazon list of acceptable gifts that he 1. Wanted and 2. Loved.


So, because I feel I’m not alone in this issue, I’m sharing this list with you. Feel free to share it with all the other wives, girlfriends, sisters, and daughters in your life who are at a loss with what to give their guy :)


Ok, so all these gifts are available on Amazon. I feel like it’s important to note that some of them may be cheaper if bought from an actual brick and mortar store. But, shop around, and if the item isn’t exactly what you want or the price you’re looking for, Amazon will show you some related items that might send you in the right direction.

  1. Lacoste Blanc

This is one of Dallin’s favorite smells! According to him, it’s a great everyday cologne. An easy present that anyone would like…because, who doesn’t love to smell good.

2. La Coste shirts

Just a great, nice, new set of t-shirts.

3. Utter Nonsense Family Edition

Great for family get togethers…or just a quick game for two after the kids go to bed.

4. Jack Box Party Pack

All right…if you’re a a board gamer, this is a GREAT GIFT! (I’m not a huge game person, but my husband and his family literally play this game all night every time they get together. It’s fun because you don’t have to crowd around a table…the game shows up on the tv so everyone can play with their phones from the comfort of a couch of lovesac.

5. Layrite Natural Matte Cream

We love love this cream! It’s not really shiny, so it gives a more natural look, and it smells SOOOOO good. (p.s. if you’re guy likes a stronger hold or a shinier look, LAYRITE has a ton of different types of creams and gels and pomades for men.

6. Gourmia GMF600 Thermoelectric Mini Fridge (Cooler/Warmer)

Dallin and I have wanted a mini fridge FOREVER! This one is awesome, and for all you nursing moms…it works great for bedside milk storage.

7. Portable Camping Chair

Because it always sucks to not have a seat.

8. Iphone Charger 3 Pack (10 feet)

True story, one of my best friends stayed at our house once. When she left for home, she accidentally left her 10 foot iphone charger. IT HAS CHANGED OUR LIFE! The longer the chord the better. This one is a must have.

9. AUDIBLE! (or books if your a paper person)

I’m sort of a minimalist, neat freak at heart and this is one of my favorite things…and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. An audible subscription provides two downloadable books a month, so get ready to learn some stuff. If you’re more of a paper person, here are some of Dallin’s favorite books.

  1. Shoe Dog

  2. QB: My Life Behind the Spiral

  3. The 10X Rule

  4. Unshakable

  5. The Lean Start-Up

  6. Capital Gaines

  7. How Will You Measure Your Life

  8. Fearless

10. Nixon Watches (Here are a few of my favorites) (click image for price)

11. Mentha Soap (LOOOOOOVE THIS)

12. North Face Men’s Denali Jacket

13. Maui Jim Wiki Wiki Blue Hawaii Sunglasses

I actually bought these for myself, but then Dallin stole them. He LOVES these.

14. Pizza Stone, Book and Peel (For the chef in your life)

15. Mission Belt

16. Arc’Teryx Atom Hoody

17. Ski/snowboarding Goggles

18. Long Sleeve Nike Running Top

19. Sweats

20. Ukelele

21. Drone

22. Camera and Essential Gear

23. North Face Recon

24. Chacos

25. Thread Wallet


27. Hammock and Straps

28. Nest Security Cameras

29. Ring Doorbell

30. Smart Thermostat

31. Smart Lights

32. Sound Bar (for TV)

33. Sonos Wireless speakers (Voice Control)

34. Bigger Leaner Stronger (Book)

(Dallin’s Fitness Bible)

35. Beats Pill

36. Stance Socks

37. Cotopaxi Gear

38. Airpods (Favorite)

What did you think, ?

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