Six Months is Old

We are parents to a six month old.  It seems like we've had him for longer...its hard not to track time by his clothes in our mind, 18-24 months feels more right:) Dallin and I just bought bikes, photos to come.  George loves riding in his bike trailer almost as much as I love waking up 5 times every night.  But we'll keep trying.      

Little baby dude is now a t-shirt connoisseur.  I feel like 80% of my last six months has been spent snapping and unsnapping hundreds of thousands of baby snaps.  Still no crawling...but he loves to walk and has a real talent for rolling to his target of choice...and for growing hair.  

George tried a Popsicle for the first time...the pictures explain his thoughts pretty accurately.  Message received :)

Baby toys are for chumps

The face I make when Dallin cooks eggs...I hate eggs.

Mobility=this baller face

Thanks to this kick butt walker

Thanks to this kick butt walker