A Grove to Remember

Utah is finally warm!  George has a sun hat!  I am wearing shorts!  And we are back at our favorite park!  

Memorial Grove is located just west...and below...the Capitol building.  It's probably the most dog friendly place I've ever been.  I see puppies there every time!  There's a lake and this wonderful paved river.  Oh, and not that we care...or maybe we're the last people around that still care...but there are at least 15 poke stops here.  

George loved it.  He saw all the things and touched a lot of trees

Luna :)

Dallin is the cutest dad...because he's 1. A hotty. and 2. Such a sweet dad.  Their shared hobbies include playing piano together, watching Casey Neistat, and looking in the mirror at their equally handsome and adorable faces.