The Canyon


We hiked a little hike up the canyon last week.  It was us and a couple on a beautiful "young love" walk....if you know us, you know our little tribe could only add to the romantic feelings and aura and such.  Luna dug a million holes...we take full responsibility for any extra erosion recorded this year in Farmington, Dallin shot some spectacular drone footage, and George mostly slept.  His favorite songs are all from the Moana soundtrack.  They are almost equally as effective at inducing sleep as a pacifier...which is nuts.  So, we spent the vast majority of the walk perfecting our Polynesian dialects and just really channeling our "girl who loves her island/girl who loves the ocean" side.  This weeks video on our Youtube channel will feature the whole performance.

When we got engaged, Dallin and I wanted to set some guidelines for our marriage.  Just a few rules to keep things happy and "in love."  One of those rules was to only fight while wearing matching outfits.  So, we bought matching sweat suits and some shirts...and, for the record, it's pretty hard to say anything hateful to a person you're all matchy matchy with.  Turns out we don't fight that much, but we still have a lot of matching clothes, so we have a good number of twinner moments...such as this hike (same shirts and shades).    

Just walking :)